My beach is clean. I do not live near the garbage patch. I do not fear for my health when I paddle out to surf after heavy rains. I’ve heard about microplastics and seen pictures of beaches covered in trash. I do not live in one of those places, or do I? I made these whimsical pieces from ocean trash collected from primarily one walk. We have 18 miles of coastline in New Hampshire. Yup, that is why we are the Granite State and not the Ocean State. It is also very accurate that there is no surf in New Hampshire, so you should definitely stick with the Ocean State for that one.

The response to these pieces has been overwhelming and really has caught me off guard. I know they make people smile. They also make people upset. My friends always write a clarifying statement on their Facebook comments, “I love the art, but hate the trash!” I know this project is altering the way I think. I hope I can stop making this art soon. For now, it is my new flat spell addiction.

One beach at a time is all I can do — unintentional eco-warrior right here.

Most found items: Solo cups, zip ties, rubber bands for lobster claws, destroyed pieces of traps, nips, shotgun casings, cigarette butts, Dunkin cups, straws, plastic bottle caps.

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Lobster (made entirely from lobster trash)

Corvid for Dinner

Frog Flow

Surfing Bird

Happy Dog

Free Bird

Veteran’s Day

Gull Fishing


Shark Fishing in Rye, NH